Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: What should I expect at the meet and greet?
A: During the meet and greet we will get acquainted with you and your pets and go over your needs. We will review our service contract and our policies. The meeting should take about 30 minutes and is conducted in your home. There is no charge. If you decide to use us for your pet care needs, you can give us two copies of your key or arrange for us to pick them up at a later time. 

Q: What do you do during your visit?
A: Depending on your pet's needs we may walk them, take them to your yard for some exercise, feed and give them water, scoop litter, or administer medication. During inclement weather we will take your dog out to potty and spend the remainder of the visit enjoying some indoor playtime. For the safety of your pet(s) and ourselves, we do not walk after dark. Nighttime visits will include backyard breaks, or in the case of apartments and condos, trips to nearby potty areas. We do not "pack walk", you can feel comfortable that your dog will not be introduced to any other dogs or put into a vehicle without your permission. 

Q: Are you insured and bonded?
A: Yes, we are insured and bonded specifically for pet care and will provide you with copies of our insurance policies.

Q: Do you administer medicine?
A: Yes, we are experienced in administering oral and topical medications and subcutaneous fluids.  Due to timing constraints, we are unable to offer visits for insulin injections or medications requiring 8-12 hour spacing between doses. 

Q: How do I know how my pet was during the visit?
A: After every visit you will get an email with a note (and a pic if your pet is feeling photogenic). 

Q: How do I pay for services?
A: For dog walking clients we invoice monthly. For pet sitting, we will email an invoice after you return. Payments can made by credit card through our client portal, mailed to our PO Box or paid through Paypal. Sleepovers in my home require a 50% deposit to secure the booking. 

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